Compare 5 Best Movie Apps

Mobile has become more than just a device to call and message. It has become a means of being continuously in touch with friends and family through social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. It’s sharing every moment of life as it comes by through Instagram Photo sharing and making personal opinion public through Twitter. It is searching jobs through LinkedIn. It is living life on the fly. Mobile and the Internet have become like the bread and butter of people’s life, something that they can’t live without. Checking mobile update is the last and the first thing people do these days.

Mobile has also become a source of entertainment like never before. Recently, I started watching the second season of a soap watch specially released only on a particular mobile app and not on TV. And it is getting a great response because people prefer it that way these days. They prefer doing a lot of things, including entertainment on the move. During long commuting hours and waiting period in queues, people wish to keep on doing something to keep themselves occupied. Now if you have two-three hours of time to kill, supposing on airport or train with no one to talk to, what do you do? Why not watch a movie is the first idea that comes to mind!

So, what all apps are available in the market and which the best one for you is, let’s find out.

Movie Apps Comparison

  1. Cinema Box HD: Cinema Box HD is a free movie app for streaming and watching movies anywhere anytime. It was earlier known by the name of Play Box HD and has features like subtitle support in many languages and child mode. Child mode helps you make sure that your kids can watch stuff that you agree with. Cinema Box HD supports offline mode. Online mode means one can download a movie and even when the internet is not available, one can watch the movie later. It also allows chromecast so one can watch the streamed movie from mobile on TV. It is 100% secured and free of viruses.
  2. Showbox App: Showbox App has a great user-friendly interface. It has good design, is easy to navigate and has an offline mode for one to download and watch streamed movies later. Like Cinema Box, Showbox HD also supports HD, so the quality of the movie is as good as it can be. Showbox is updated regularly to add more and more TV shows and talk shows. This app is not yet available on google play store though you can download it from its official website.
  3. Terrarium TV: Terrarium TV is also a free app that allows streaming and downloading movies and TV shows. It has fast servers and provides full HD support. Works in offline mode and supports fire TV and fire stick. Terrarium TV supports subtitles in many languages like Cinema Box HD. It has this amazing feature that allows one to mark movies and gives notification that new episodes have come. It also has chromecast support and allows one to search movies as per genre. Terrarium TV is however known to have some access issues for users.
  4. Viewster: Viewster is a free movie streaming app to watch movies online. It has synopsis, duration, rating details and gives a condensed compact browsing experience. You can sort movies by their ratings or by recently added or by popularity criteria. The quality of movies may be a debatable topic among viewers. It supports chromecast. You can see a history of movies you have already watched and add movies to be watched in future to a queue. It gives you an option to read bios of actors, actresses, watch trailers and read celebrity news.
  5. Yidio TV: Yidio TV allows you to search and discover what all TV shows and movies there are to watch. It suggests you movies based on your likings and what all new things are added each day so that you don’t miss on any action. Not everything here is free and sometimes you may be guided onto other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

So, there are a lot of apps available in the market to watch movies online or offline, free or for a charge. Based on your needs, choices, and preferences you may use any of them. If you want child mode, use Cinema Box. If you wish ready along with some information on movies and its stars, use Viewster.  For personalized experience, you can use Terrarium TV. If you are not happy with the quality of picture or devices supported by one app, you can switch anytime to another app if they are free and you have not yet subscribed.

There is a whole new world of cinema, movie, TV shows, documentaries left to be unexplored, so go for it!