6 List Best Free Apps

Here are some free programs to fill your weekend even more exciting. Here is the list:


  1. Run Sackboy! Run!

This time it was a group of mobile game developer presents PlayStation Run Sackboy! Run !. They are used as doll knitting in combinations endless platform racer game is to act escape the pursuit of the enemy. Besides escape, do not forget to take existing pieces along the way. I tried this game and really like the graphics. Children would also play for the control in this game is also very simple.


  1. XnRetro

Gembar in force or first impression once Cobain deh XnRetro turn your photos with a simple look and features comprehensive enough. You can change the image with various filters are given. Do not like the default effects? Manually change the cursor on the page. In addition to the filters, the user can also increase the effect of a light flash, thumbnail images and the edges of the image.


  1. People HD – Short history of the people

For those of you who know the history or introduce your child to the person who has managed to change the world, you need to download this application now. Users can create their history, production plan during the term and various offers that have committed. Cuman can not read, you can also share the quote directly to Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Pac-Man Friends

Selected by Apple as App of the Week, the game is with the character of the legendary PAC-MAN is free to download. You will help the PAC-MAN escape from the castle with his friends. Avoid the ghosts guards and collect as many points as possible is the main task of the game. Easy control and the level of play that made me not tired to allow play to continue.


  1. Zombie Catchers

In this game described, the Earth has been attacked by zombies. Two foreign try to take advantage of this sale by the food and drinks from zombie extract. You will be responsible for the deposition of a zombie with a number of weapons and start the business. Various tools to improve the game to make more festive.


  1. Duckie Monsters bridge

Developer Group Duckie bridge discount kids educational applications makes new edition. This time it was Duckie bridge Monsters is a free download with friends odor Halloween. Your little black see Figure vague in this game as a prefix. Do not be afraid, just hit the lights in the corner of the screen. The black figure was about to become unique and nggemesin monster. The message to get through this game is to teach children to not be afraid of the dark.