Best Android apps for entertainment

With the onset of nuclear families; our tablets and smartphones have become our primary family members. Therefore, there are numerous best Android apps for entertainment and these apps promise you to keep entertained for the longer duration.

The best Android apps for entertainment are:

  • Gigbox”: This app is preferred by the concert enthusiasts. The Gigbox app extracts your treasured bands and songs and then lists for you the nearest concert with all the required details. The app also allows you to upload and chat with the fellow concert companions.


  • Flixster Movies”: This app for movie enthusiasts. The Flixster Movies app lists all the available movies with the theater information. It also incorporates the movie ratings given by the IMDb. With this information, you can cleverly check the best movie in your vicinity and enjoy the movie time.


  • Pandora”: This app is for the radio listeners. It is the dearest in the internet radio world and also creates a radio station specially designed for your music taste.


  • “Gmote”: This app for managing the music and movies on your mobile device using WiFi. It can also connect remotely to your PC and access your favorite music.


  • “Netflix”: Netflix is an app which requires membership. And once you are a registered user, you can enjoy movies and famous TV serials and reality shows streamed on your mobile device using the app.


  • “Fandango Movies”: Fandango Movies app allows you to search for your favorite actor’s movie in the nearest theater. It also gives you an alarming facility to help you know the wait is for the favorite movie is getting lesser day after day.


  • “MoboPlayer”: This app acts as a player for the movies, personal videos by connecting it to your personal computer.


  • “Player Pro Music Player”: This app allows you to select and play music saved on your device.


  • “SketchBook Express”: This app allows you to turn your passion towards sketching into reality. The app itself has all the features to have the real feel of sketching.


  • “Redbox”: This app allows you to avail your favorite movie for rent. It also adds flexibility, by listing the nearest stall to avail your favorite movie.


  • “Plex App”: This app allows you to connect the locally stored media in your computer to your mobile device using the Plex app. And later you can also use the cloud services available in the app. This helps you to use your local data anywhere in the world.


  • “DoggCatcher Podcast Player”: This app is for podcast enthusiasts.


With the above listed best Android apps for entertainment, there is no monotony, even for a single minute.